Repeat Client

My sister Joanna Johnson has always been somewhat of a mother(ing) figure to me. I remember when I was a young girl and preformed thoughtless stunts which would undoubtedly result in a scrape or bruise of some kind and Joanna would be the one cleaning me up. She went through child birth first out of the four sisters and took to the task and career of being a mother with complete natural ease. So when Chad and I found out we were pregnant in 2014 I knew immediately Joanna would be in the room with me. Her gentle nature and calm demeanor was something I wanted around me in a time that can be very stressful and quite possibly frightening. My husband and I knew Joanna’s character before our child birth experience and were happy to have her support on board.
During my long and grueling 38 hour labor Joanna was there with bells on. She brought positivity, support, and even caffeine for my mother and husband. Joanna knew my birth plan, prayed with us, asked what we needed but also knew boundaries and when we needed intimacy. We also loved how Joanna guided Chad to apply pressure to my back during contractions and made suggestions in other ways to make the process more bearable. We absolutely loved having Joanna as our Doula with our first birth and now that we are EXPECTING again we would love to have her be apart of the journey again!