3:3 Third time is a CHARM.

3:3 Third time is a CHARM.

Skylar’s labor and Birth was as close to perfect as I could of ever hoped. Now, that is not to say that I did not feel pain or want to press pause and annul the whole thing at points. Maybe God blessed you with a pain free birth if so you go girl. But Looking at Skylar’s entrance into my world I smile with no regrets. The pregnancy itself was still a bit of a battle and I am glad I had a friend who was a doula. As always I measured small the whole pregnancy; I make small babies and have lengthy torso. I put the extra investigating off as long as possible but at 35 weeks an extra ultrasound was scheduled. A diagnoses of IUGR (intrauterine growth retardation) and Oligohydramnio (low levels of amniotic fluid) was given. And with this the interventions, fears and pushing to induce started. This is where my doula’s wisdom and support was needed, she gave me evidence based care and holistic tips.

I held off the doctor’s pushes to induce for an entire month even telling my husband once that I will not go to the hospital until labor starts. “They can schedule induction, I will not be there though,” I told him. Having never experienced the natural onset of labor I didn’t realize when it started. At 39 weeks, thinking I had 2 or 3 weeks of pregnancy left (my other pregnancies went 41 weeks) I , started having a contraction here and there.  I drank some more water, dehydration can cause Braxston Hicks contractions. A couple hours later at dinner, I had no appetite which was odd because I was normally eating way too much. I put my hand on my stomach and realized I was still having contractions. Once my girls were in bed, I finally told my husband what was going on. I got in the bath, the midwife at my last appointment said if I have some contractions to relax and try nipple stimulation. I felt very odd but I just knew I was ready! I prayed in the warm bath and stimulated away.

I got out of the bath and thought I’ll nap if I can, then wake up Josh once contractions get more painful. But once I got dress, I needed to change again. My pants were wet! Did my water brake? I wasn’t sure. I put on fresh clothes and a pad just to see. Sure enough my water had broke. Here we go!! I started to get excited. Wake up Josh! Lets check our hospital bags and get dressed. I told him to take his time, labor takes time, there is no rush. We loaded up, took the kids to moms. She has stairs and walking up them was not easy. I had two or three contractions at moms. They were getting closer together. As we drove I started timing the contractions. 10mins, 4 mins, 7 mins, 5mins, 2 mins. It seemed as if they were getting closer and defiantly more painful. The last few minutes in the car I could no longer sit comfortable even between contractions. 2 minutes apart, once we arrived at the hospital contractions were every 2 minutes.

Contractions every two minutes is a great time to arrive at the hospital, it was midnight. My doula lived on Oahu so it was just me and Josh. I was confident I could tell him what I needed him to do, though I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, it was perfect for us. Having the pressure on him seemed to only energize him and empower him.

In the room, I never sat down. I paced the room, used the bathroom and leaned against the bed. I didn’t have an IV and the belly monitors could easily be unplugged. Though they are still annoying. I would tell Josh when to massage my back, rub my legs and when to NOT TOUCH me. He did great. I knew when she was coming, I don’t think they ever checked me after the first vaginal exam at check in, but I knew when it was time. I climbed up on the bed and sat on my knees. The bed was upright more like a chair and I hugged the bed. I was in position when the midwife arrived. I wasn’t waiting for her, I was listening to my body. If baby got there before the midwife I wasn’t going to try to stop her.  I tuned out everything but my body. The midwife did arrive and I do remember her tell me that delivering this way makes handing me the baby a little hard. After tearing with my first two babies, I knew I wanted to deliver this way. I said nothing, I just ripped off all my clothes so the gown wasn’t in the way.

Crowning still HURT so much! Josh was there speaking encouraging words. I took a moment to cry, cuss and then PUSHED!! I pushed and out she came. All the pressure was on my back end which was very uncomfortable but I did not tear. I needed help turning over and delivered the after birth on my back. She was tiny, calm and sweet, PERFECT. Contractions started at 3:00 pm, though I just ignored them.  My water broke around 10:00 pm. We arrived at the hospital around 12:00 and Skylar Ann was birth at 2:43am. The birth plan I fretted over and obsessed about before my first birth unfolded for me during my last birth.



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