Birth 1; Determined but lacking Wisdom

My First Born took her sweet time coming into the world.

My water broke at 11:00pm on Halloween October 31st, 2010. But I wouldn’t give birth until 2:06pm on November 2nd!

During pregnancy I did my research, home birth or hospital, epidural or natural; I had made all my decisions and thought now I just wait and make my plan a reality. Having ones water break before labor, only happens 10% of the time. Having ones water break and contractions not start after, only happens 10% of the time to that first 10%. I had not planned for this. I arrived at the hospital at 2:00 am. I thought she’ll arrive in 12-24 hours, it would actually take 36 hours from the time I arrived at the hospital.

I had my mother, a woman who had four children, all at home. She even had her first two at home. Of course, my husband came too. The thought of hiring a doula never really crossed my mind. I had my mom, I had read many book and my body was built for this… why would I need anything else. I wish the thought crossed my mind, I truly do.

The nurses and midwives were very nice. They would come in and check on me and then go check on their many other patients. If you were not pushing, you really didn’t need them. I went through countless nurse and midwife shifts. I tried walking to bring on labor but had no contractions. I really had no other ideas as to what else to do. I had said I wanted to put off starting Pitocin (a chemical induction) as long as possible. I had no idea the negatives of waiting and no one took the time to inform me. After 20 hours of no contractions, Pitocin was started. Since, I waited so long the nurse put me on a severe amount. I went from having no contractions to having contractions that lasted 30 seconds long every minute or two.

I get tired just telling this story! I ended up with an epidural but first took Fentanyl which was just terrible. I was so determined not to have an epidural that I was hysterical when I finally got one. As soon as the epidural kicked in, I slept! I was 2 centimeters when they started the epidural, I think it was four hours of sleep later and I was 8 centimeters! The midwife explained that sometimes do to stress or fear the mothers body doesn’t want to progress. When the mother finds rest the body can open without the mothers fear in the way.

After my medicated nap, it was time to push. The small amount of rest gave me the energy I needed to PUSH. My delivering midwife was amazing. She was peaceful and calm, she had me push during one contraction and then rest on the next contraction. This gave my body time to stretch. Unfortunately since I waited 20 hours before inducing, I had a fever during pushing. When that happens the doctor puts the newborn baby on antibiotics and keep them 48 hours instead of 24. And that terrible heel prick, they do that at 24 hours and at 48 hours.

I was determined to not have any drugs but instead I ended up having Pitocin, Fentanyl, an epidural, and then antibiotics. I truly believe if I was less determined and had someone take the time to explain my options I would of had a much shorter labor and not ended up with an extra day in the hospital.

SDC13079 - Copy.JPG

In the end I got to take home my beautiful, healthy daughter which is what truly matters. “Whenever a woman is in labor she has pain, because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world.” John 16:21. When I think of my story, there is pain and frustration but it ends with pure BLISS.


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